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We're so glad you've found your way to this part of our website, because it's one of our favourites. Why? Because this is where we encourage our couples to get creative!

Gold Coast Wedding Photography
What Do We Mean?

Basically, we get very excited when we hear the terms: Outdoor, DIY, Unique, and Alternative. We also love weddings with Boho, Rustic, or Whimsical themes. And we swoon at wedding locations that are: Farms, Mountains, and Vintage Barns. In fact, the more countryside, the better!

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

We feel this way, because over our years of shooting, it's been the couples who have really put in the effort to make the day distinctly theirs, that have not only enjoyed it the most, but also come away with the most resplendent photographs! They are mindful of the importance of the shoot, as well as the best timing for the various elements of their wedding day as far as sunlight is concerned. And as photographers, we can't value this enough.

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

They are fans of garlanded arbours and wild flower bouquets. They are not constrained to what a 'traditional' wedding looks like. Their fashion is offbeat and quirky; and they are keen elopers. Their ceremonies are typically short and sweet; not to mention almost always unplugged. And as a result, their guests are usually fully in the moment as opposed to wanting to take quick snaps to post onto social media. Okay maybe not all their guests :)

Does this sound like your type of wedding? If so, we'd be absolutely over the moon to hear from you, as our style of photo-journalistic shooting is built upon years of featuring the beautiful details of our lovers' special days. We look forward to chatting soon!